How far can your PR reach go and what’s changed over the last year?

From wakeboarding and zip wiring to VW campervanning and Prosecco runs, this year has been the most exciting and varied yet at MBPR with campaigns hitting even more broadcast channels, including BBC, STV and YouTube and even more online and social platforms.

The appetite for an action-packed, high-impact creative PR/Marketing and Communications campaign hasn’t changed this year but what has changed is the increased number of platforms which brands can tap into to reach even more of their target audiences at one time with their key messages.

In August, and on two separate occasions, STV reporters Chris Harvey and Zara Janjua, jumped on a wakeboard at Foxlake Adventures new park on the Waterfront in Dundee to try it out, along with the Dundee Courier and Telegraph. This resulted in a successful multi-channel campaign with TV pick up, on and offline press coverage and brilliant engagement on all social media platforms, culminating with Foxlake Director Callum Mark’s excellent debut radio interview on BBC’s Good Morning Scotland.

Throughout the year both STV and BBC have played major parts in our client’s creative campaigns, including fitness demonstrations at The Centre in Livingston, where over 45,000 people visit daily and a tour of Araminta Campbell’s studios in Edinburgh – the talented hand weaver who boasts Camilla and Mary Berry as her customers.

BBC interviews were secured and provided great results for other clients including Keith Roberts, from The Roberts Partnership on the launch of its new Training Academy, Karen Knowles from Bon Accord on the relaunch of the family brand alongside Susan Harkins, Head of Business Gateway, promoting the Global Entrepreneurship Conference and Ali Wylie from Run the Sights.

Ali talked about the birth of the company and the launch of the new Prosecco tours which have been a huge hit. Ali also captured the attention of the Head of Digital at the Scotsman who joined her in an early morning run in the city, watched live by thousands of people around the world from his GoPro at the top of Arthur’s Seat.

We’ve also worked with over 50 bloggers to ensure our clients brands reach the right audience digitally including Solveig in Scotland and Ruth MacGlip (Urbanity Blog) who have helped Armaminta to raise her profile across the world.

Tactics and strategy are still as important than ever, including charitable partnerships, stunts and media stories but more so than any other year for us our clients, with our help, are acknowledging the power of broadcast platforms and reputable and trustworthy social influencers.

But what’s really changed since I started out in PR?


The days of having someone in the corner of the office faxing press release to all 300 people on a media distribution list have well and truly gone. Now, strategically targeted media stories tailored for both on and offline platforms are being created on phones and pitched in as exclusives, with pics and video content.

It is also no longer a luxury for the large corporates – it is now for everyone! More brands, small and large, are taking the time to ensure internal audits are carried out before external campaigns are embarked upon and fully understand, now even more so with social media, that it can take years to build a brand and seconds to ruin it. Hence, always take the time to look at the reactive PR you might need at the same time as creating your proactive PR/Communications & Marketing campaign.

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